BEWARE : 9/2/18

It has been brought to our attention that a Instagram account going my the name cashpaidadult has linked this site to their bio on their account. This is a scam and we have no idea why they would link us a company that has been running for 16 years in the Adult Entertainment industry. They also use the Skype name Liquid_productions on skype to talk to you. We had a skype chat this morning with a guy who has paid over $500 dollars to them and thne emailed this site, asking what was going on. We as a company shoot adult films, we hire the talent, we never ask for money from the talent. No matter how good some one appears to be, never ever give them money at all, as for references, ask for a official website or otherwise avoid.

We at Dusk Films are taking this matter very very seriously. If you are not contacted by the following social media accounts :

@DuskFilms,@ImANerdPervert,@UkPodcast_Team,@scarlet_greyx, Instagram : duskfilms

or emails : paul@duskfilms.com,duskfilmsxxx@gmail.com or duskfilmsxxxscarlet@gmail.com then you have not been contacted by this company

Below are screen shots of the account  in question, but in case they go by another name or setup another account our contact details are above


Thank you


Paul Taylor








Welcome to the Dusk Films production website.

We are an Adult Production Company based in the North East.


On this website you will get an idea of the work we do, as well as where our work can be seen on the internet. We will also be keeping a blog of our time on set when shooting content and giving exclusive behind the scenes pictures from our shoots.


You will also find out about the services we offer. As a production company we can offer our services to the adult industry as a production house. So if you need any content shooting, or videos editing, converting or rendering then we can also take on comission work in those areas too.

Our style is reality porn, this can be real as it happens or scripted too, no matter what your after if you want your content to look realistic and mirror reality shows or documentaries then we can help you achieve your goals. We can shoot any style, however we stand out from the crowd when it comes to reality porn.

…We throw ourselves into our work and we will spend as long as it takes until we get the results we  want or that our clients need.