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Nerd Pervert reality show intro title sequence

Ok so we have had positive feedback on the free prequel scene released last week, well now we are proud to release the title sequence to NERD PERVERT.

This is an opening credit piece that we put together for the US. It was very time consuming, as first of all the best scenes that best sells the idea of the show had to be selected and sorted through.. This took a while.  Sifting through everything we have ever shot for the site,  and making sure we get the right shots to show off what the site is about. With this trailer we wanted to tell a story too, and not just add a series of clips one after the other. We wanted to tell a story with sights and sounds...

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Would you like a free bonus scene??? ok well here’s one then…..

Ok so, you all know about our nerd reality show right?

Ok well if you have about 35mins to spare here is a prequel episode of NERD PERVERT.

This is a bonus scene on the site that explains who our lead characters are, what they did before they met, how they met and how it came to be that a lucky Geordie nerd bastard gets all of these new girls and shoots some of the biggest pornstars in the UK. How does he do it when he’s a no body???, he’s nothing to look at so it doesn’t make sense really does it? A nerd who fucks and isn’t shy round women, how is this possible?

This free scene serves as your first entry into the reality show series, from this video onwards you will be brought up to speed on what the show is, and you could effectively watch this then sign up to nerdpervert...

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Shooting in the UK what happened????

Well its June now and here in the UK shooting porn is becoming more and more of a hard ship. It seems like a distant memory that when we first came on the scene in 2003,  there were a lot of girls to shoot. So many that you couldn’t pick who you wanted and you couldn’t get to all of them either. The ones that stayed in the industry for years, you eventually got them, but the ones that just dipped their feet in, well you just had to let them go. Sure they were on your to do list, but by the time you got to them then had retired long ago. So whats happened now then?

There are more and more girls who just do the odd shoot when they can be arsed, or even work solidly for a few months and the disappear not even honouring shoots that they had booked in advance...

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So after a series of Skype meeting with ED at Lotza Dollars we really fleshed out in those conversations what the content would be. How he could see a site working, and whether or not we could deliver the video content they needed to populate a site of theirs. We had done a few nerd like scenes, featuring a character who looked like a geek. This interested Ed very much. He could see a site like that being a Micro Niche for him and is company. He actually pointed out while we were talking that if I type NERD PORN into google nothing came up. Well sexy girls wearing nerd glasses did yes but not with a guy doing it. They liked what I did on the few scenes of the nerd, he just felt he needed to be more fleshed out, and made more real...

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Behind the scenes Interview with Scarlet Grey

Shooting for the US site we did a series of behind the scenes character interviews. In this one Scarlet speaks very openly and very honestly about what she really thinks of Paul the nerd as well as some behind the scenes footage of her honest points of view of what it is like to work with a nerd pervert and con man.


It’s quite funny, hope you enjoy :0)


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Well everyone 2013 sees us attempt a project that has been in the back of my mind for a long long time. Its something that always seemed like a good idea but something that might be hard to pull off. This was for many reasons, first of budget, it was always going to cost more than web scenes we produce for internet sites out there.  The second reason this was always going to be hard to cast. Not just in looks but personality too. This was going to be a tribute to someone who’s famous who I have lusted over for a long time...

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SCC Productions based in Canadian told me about 6 months ago that they had fell on difficult times with there web business. This had came as a shock to us as we were getting paid from their site and hadn’t noticed any chance at all, in fact we were doing better than ever with with very capable company. Anyway without going into too much detail they said for a newer business in the adult web mastering industry they just couldn’t complete with the bigger players who has been doing to it for many years. It wasn’t down to their skill it was down to contacts and time, time was not on their side, how where they going to catch up with the others who were already in full swing with their business? Answer they couldn’t it was the worst time for them to start up on their own.

A week later I was cont...

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Hi Everyone

Hi there and welcome to the new Dusk Films Productions website.

We have just got our production website online and this is to show you  what we are up to on our shoots and work that we are currently doing. We do take commission work too and these can be seen on our services page.

This blog will allow you to read up on our personal accounts of the work we do from our set.

We will also release teaser clips and bonus clips of what we are up to aswell.

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