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Ok so as we have already said we mainly shoot paid work, however if models are in need of content for there various outlets then we can help. There are a lot of content share shoots that don’t go according to plan out there. Nearly every time it is down to very poor planning or just some guy who wants to get his rocks off and hasn’t thought of the production end. We have even heard stories of people being involved in content share and not even receiving the footage at all.

Thats why we feel that doing something with us, with a company with over 9 years experience and a good reputation, you will get decent, well planned content that will be fair on everyone and you will receive your share of the content with a fast turn around.




We tend to shoot things differently to how others would approach it and I think that is why, the way we do it works, we use the time wisely and get enough content shot to make it worth peoples while and at the same time not producing bad results as what usually happens is people try to get too much content at the expense of the content being really poor and remember you have to be able to sell it too, thats why you are doing this after all.

Ok so we all do this so we all get something out of it, with us shooting boy-girl content, ideally for it to be worth our while we will need that as our part of the content share as we can’t really use any girl-girl or solo for our outlets, so it helps if the girl or girls involved shoot to boy-girl levels.

What a lot of people tend to do, is share the same videos, trouble is with this if you upload to the same places and at the same time, then who will they buy it off? Another thing is to shoot one video for one person and another for the other person. If there is large groups involved then the videos produced at the end of the day are the worst of the day and so someone has footage that isn’t as good as the content shot earlier in the day. Also being a male performer myself I know that a guys performance isn’t as good at the end of the day as it is at the start so that can be an issue affecting the quality in scenes too, after a full day.

So what we do is a bit of both.

We shoot an oral scene if theres boy-girl involved and a full boy-girl scene too. Now we share the same videos but we shoot for longer and include and shoot new bits for each persons video or scenario.

So for instance for our part of the video we will need the nerd character we shoot to have some situation where he gets lucky and gets some action. But we can shoot another intro for you of a completely different scenario. Also for example say if one idea was someone to be bossy and the other a little more suppressed, we film the hardcore stuff but every now and then shoot parts of dialogue during it for each others scene. We also shoot plenty sex positions and film the changing of one to the other, this way when we edit the video we can have the sex positions in a different order on each scene and we shoot a different ending too after the money shot.

So you get a scene with a different plot, different order of sexual positions and a different ending and its all shot at the same time, the only thing that is the same is the outfits we wear in the scenes, but that means its the same quality scene for each person. If you have any ideas for your scene, we are happy to shoot it for you as this is your scene too, there’s no limit to the ideas for the scenes really. We are happy to plan and suggest ideas for your content, or happy to go along with your own ideas if you have any. We do tend to find the best selling scenes are the ones with a little bit of build up and a story, especially with female models who may have a good fan base as believe it or not if they are a fan, they like to watch you on screen period, not just doing dirty things, they love it all.

If its just a one on one content share then you get an oral scene each and a full boy-girl scene each.

We have in the past shot a content share shoot with two girls, and we got an oral scene, a full boy- girl-girl scene and some girl-girl too. So we got two scenes out of it and the girls got 3 as they had an extra girl girl scene too, which we didn’t need. Whenever possible we always try to make sure that you come out with more than us, as we just need something to make it worth our while for helping you out.




You also get a male performer, a female camera lady, and video editing too, so a professional looking video all round really. We edit the scenes for you since we know how the format and running order works in terms of what needs to go into each video.

We supply the full scene for you in full HD, also edited for the web in any format you require for uploading to various website profiles, and even into small 1-2 minute clips too for sites such as adult work. We usually get these done and out to you within a week, two weeks at the most and we always edit your scenes first before our own as we don’t need the content as urgently as you and we are just happy to have it in our content bank for future use.

Model release forms must be signed by all performers involved, and you need a copy of the model release for your own records signed by anyone who performs with you. We can supply a generic model release form just ask. Photo ID and a birth certificate must be provided for 2257 records.

To get in touch about this please e-mail us a or use the form on our contacts page located HERE. Please state content share in the subject line.


PLEASE NOTE: content share is done on a first come first served basis and sometimes takes a back seat if we have commission work or our own production shoots in development. Sill get in touch as I am sure we can work something out.


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