Meet Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is the CEO of Dusk Films. He started the company from a life long dream of one day being a film maker, however having no idea at the time that it would be adult based films instead of main stream.

Paul has a HND in Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Editing, Animation & script writing. He originally wanted to go down the animation route when he stumbled on porn by accident. He soon discovered that all of his skills could be used in exactly the same way as main stream film making and the fact it was adult entertainment didn’t really matter.

The most obvious niche to go into was what he liked to watch himself, as then he knew he could go into it with a great eye for what the customer would want to see being one himself rather than picking a niche that he had to learn from scratch. Paul’s favorite type porn was POV/GONZO which at the time in 2003 was very popular indeed.

This also meant that he could perform in the scenes himself, not really knowing that he would even be able to perform. Safe to say after his first ever shoot with a new girl at the time called Jodie Robson he discovered that he could indeed perform and actually got off on being filmed. The fact that Paul was able to produce very impressive cumshots was an area that as a fan Paul could make sure that it was in there.

After a year of shooting content, starting from nothing and no funding but his own cash Paul started up a site in 2004 call PAULS¬† SPUNKSLUTS which was met with very good praise. At the time he didn’t realize that all of the forum posting he did after each shoot including picture samples was actually advertising his content even before you could even buy it. This resulted in a lot of daily e-mails from fans asking when the site would go live, so when it did the site was off to a good start very quickly, however it was a different world back then when the membership website business model was only just taking off and bringing in the money for studios.

I always remember watching POV films and was quite turned on by women who swallowed cum and even more so if they took a big load, I remember sometimes being very disappointed by what I saw as some of the male performers didn’t really produce much spunk. I have always been able to produce a good money shot so as a fan who has been let down in the past, I could make sure that bit satisfied the POV cum swallowing fan in me as well as other fans I “m sure felt the same way after watching some movies out there.

Even though Paul was trained in web design, designing an adult website was a completely different thing. Even the design part was different, as drawing in adults, the layout and how the site flows was totally different to what he had learnt so PAULS SPUNKSLUTS was a learning curve for him, in a time again where you could afford to try these things and get traffic a lot easier doing it yourself.

With the changing of the internet, the world recession, torrent and tubes site doing to the porn industry what had happened to the mainstream industry and music industry for years, being a company running everything yourself was just not working and many business were failing. Paul knew that he had to change with the times, Dusk Films was part of an industry that had changed so much over the last 3 decades even before he was in game and each time the industry came out better. It was then decided that the companies strong points was content, the website was such a specialist thing now, that running things all by one company wasn’t going to cut it. There fore from then on until the present day Dusk Films is now a content provider. Shooting for a regular website in the style of their niche which features everything they have done to date in house. Its a lot easier sticking to what you know, actually producing the content as long as you have an outlet. The only real people who where making money out of the website business model, was companies that had been around 10-12 years, who specialized in building and running sites, who needed content from production houses. So Dusk Films content can be seen all over the internet now, including their own financed films released as online DVD rentals. Their work can be seen in other content not produced by them, but edited, rendered and shot by them for other studios as commission work as another area Dusk Films now specialize in. After 9 years Dusk films is still here because we adapt and change to what the public want and do what the adult industry has always done, change and survive with the changing times.

Paul Taylor performs, edits and directs to this day, and feels that he is doing what he does to the best of his ability. He leaves the other aspects of marketing the product to another team of people who know what they are doing. In the last two years he has hired a female camera operator and moved away from the POV niche and became a main performer in some content that is regularly produced for a US website. Scarlet Grey is now the main camera operator for Dusk Films bring an exciting new style to something Paul has always loved Reality porn.  Real British content that is about as real as it gets and to this day he keeps producing in an area and niche to which he is still a fan of and watches content from other popular studios.