Model Tips & Advice


First of all, any female who wants to get into the adult industry at any level has to give this some very serious thought indeed, before going any further. Really take the time to think about it too. You may want to do it now, but what about the future if you think differently? You can’t just erase your porn career out of existence after say 7 years because your settling down and your partner doesn’t know about your past. Whats done is done, there’s no going back and once content is released starring you, it isn’t going anywhere ever.

Still here? Ok so you have decided you want to go on, ok then good. Please don’t just to do it for the money, you have to really like sex also. Money isn’t everything so it has to be the fact you like having sex on camera for others to see and making a living out of it. If you just do it for the money in time it will get to you, and you may resent even doing this work.
Ask any girl working in the porn industry today and she will tell you this business becomes a way of life and is not just a career, you have to work at it 24/7 even when your not actually doing any shooting.  This can include socializing, networking, attending events, parties and this is part of being in the adult industry, the work never stops just because you are not on set. Face time and being seen out there, really does do some good and leads to you getting work because people will remember you.


Set yourself a limit to what you can do, what you will do on camera and what you won’t. Yes you do get paid more for higher levels and the more you will do, but this should not be an incentive to do things you wouldn’t normally do. You can change your work levels at any time, when your ready and only when you are ready. There have been lots of  girls over the years get put off because they regret doing something they should not have done at the time because of pressure from producers. Never let anyone talk you into anything full stop.


Ok so you will need a stage name. This is a name that will be ultimately your porn persona. This is advised so that it keeps your private life separate from your porn life. Although you may enjoy what you do on camera, your pornstar name is a persona who can be whoever you want them to be. You will act up to the camera and maybe act dirtier than the real you as this is what is usually needed and what performance in porn is all about, its what people want to see. Sit and write down some names on a piece of paper and see what ones come out, remember this is your name for your career in the Adult industry and if you become a successful model, this is what your fans and producers will come to know you as so make sure you get it right and are happy with it, if you do well and decide to change it, this can be very confusing for producers and fans.



It is also very important to have your HIV/STD results current and up to date and be vigilant that anyone you are working with male or female does the same. This will test you for all known sexual transmitted diseases. You will need to have them done regularly so you always have a valid test within 30 days and you must be able to prove it too. This can be in for form of a piece of paper with the results of the test on there. If you go to your NHS hospital they will just tell you the results but you need to show that you are clean so ask for it to be printed out and sent to you as a lot of the NHS don’t deal with porn performers and so they just think they are providing a personal one on one service where only you need to know the result. The charge can vary from free to £100 in rare cases depending on the hospital, however the normal price for NHS certificates are between £15-30. They seem to be free for the first few times and when you come for tests every month that is when they start to charge you. Never work with anyone who doesn’t have this, even if you trust them or have worked with them before, no certificate no shoot, its that simple. Even a day out is unacceptable.  One thing you should seriously consider is getting vaccinated against Hepatitis. This is usually a course over a period of 6 months but well worth having.

Sexual Health Certs cover:-


A models professionalism is assessed by her attitude and attention to her appearance, time keeping and reliability in arriving on time to a job. This industry is no different to any other that requires this most simplest of things. If you book a shoot stick by it, if something comes up, try and get out of it so you can do the job. Your self employed now so you are responsible for your own time keeping, if you have to cancel a shoot, then let the people concerned know as soon as possible. You will probably be given another chance in most cases. If you don’t turn up with no phone call, text or e-mail explaining why, just remember producers talk and word will get round that you are a person to avoid.

A good model should always be clean and ready for work as they arrive. Good hygiene it very important in this industry for obvious reasons and its only embarrassing to you if you are told that you need to go clean before the shoot can begin. If you are going to work to anal levels make sure you use a douche kit before hand.

You will need to prove your age on a shoot, even if you look 18 or older, its standard practice so that the producer can legally use the material shot on the day. You will need to carry your Passport or Driving license (or both) and a birth certificate to all shoots, the producer will make a copy of this, usually just a photo of you holding the photo ID up to your face. You will also have to sign a model release form that gets you to sign (in your real name) that you agree to the content that was shot that day and that you are 18 years or over.
Personality is something you either have or you don’t and usually something that is a bonus that works to your favor in this industry.  In short if you are a friendly bubbly person with an easy going nature and great to work with, producers and other models will be keen to work with you time and time again, and you will find getting work a lot more easier.


When considering a booking for a modeling assignment do your research , it is worth researching the person you are working for by asking for references like who they have worked with so you can get some feedback from those sources and check out their website as most producers seem to have a website with their product on these days or product that is available on a website.  If they have a website they are ok to work with as they have a work history.  There are a lot of amateurs out there who can be great to work with but still ask for these things above. E-mails and enquiries from work offers should say what is required, the date of the shoot, the location, the time you are needed by and whats involved. Make sure you ask on anything you are unsure of as once you accept a booking, the producer will expect you to do everything that was agreed. Do not let changes happen on the day if they are major ones. You should know what you are doing before you arrive, take a print out of the e-mail with you and if this happens then you can show them what was agreed between the two of you.
In some cases a producer may well be new and cannot provide references or a website and in these cases it might be wise to ask if you can bring a companion or at least make regular calls to someone who knows where you are. In most, if not all cases, producers are fine but if it gives you peace of mind I cannot see any producer not being understanding of this, even if they probably won’t be aloud on set when the actually shooting starts.




Here is a basic guide to rates and levels. This is only a guide and sticking within these will be at least fair to all involved and make everyone’s time on set worth while.

Solo girl
Toys, solo maturation
RATE GUIDE : £200-£250

Girl/ Girl
Performing in a gay scene with another female performer on camera
RATE GUIDE : £200- £300

Boy/ Girl
Performing with a male performer in a full sex scene, including cum shot
RATE GUIDE : £250-£300

Boy/Girl with anal
Same as above only including Anal sex, if you do this in your personal life anyway some models charge the same for normal boy-girl. If you only do it for the camera, a lot seem to charge more
RATE GUIDE :£300- £400

Boy/ Girl with double penetration
Same as above only Vaginal and anal sex at the same time, involving two males
RATE GUIDE : £350-£450

Rates can differ from producer/company, so you may not be paid exactly the same rate from everyone as everyones budget differs, however don’t let them go too far with what they pay you and the amount of time they need you for. If you are only being offered £150 for 3-4 hour work, although up to you, this is not on and the rate is a very poor offer for what is being asked of you. However be negotiable on your rates, you can tweak them if it means getting a job or loosing one but don’t sell yourself short.

PLEASE NOTE : not all producers are performers. Most producers just shoot models with other co stars but some producers do both, this can make it hard to tell who is genuine at first glance as every guy and his camera can be a producer these days. So seeing examples  of there work is the key. For instance here at Dusk Films, we do our own performing, shooting and editing in house but we can provide references and examples of our work.



It is a good idea to promote yourself. This can be a full time job in its self. Facebook and twitter are great self tools for promotion. Because of the line of business we are in, be careful with facebook. They are really funny on what material they allow, so anything pornographic expect to be banned. Twitter is great for getting fans, talking to them and promoting who you are working with and where your fans can see you. Twitter also for the moment let you tweet naughty pictures too. You can also e-mail websites if you like there content and see if there is any work available. Just check and read if they have any requirements first, it doesn’t make a good impression if you e-mail a teen site for example asking for work when you are a mature model and chances are you won’t get a reply, so do your research first. Bottom line is work doesn’t always come to you, it may do at the start because of the fact you are new, but eventually it will die down and you will have to go looking for work.



Always be careful and seek advice especially if you are new. There are some people who aren’t genuine and go after new girls to exploit them, so we are going to cover some of the common tricks out there from incidents that we know about from people we know.

Never do a test shoot or showreel unless being paid. It is the producers risk to book you for a shoot, so doing one for free to prove yourself should never happen EVER. There are some people who say they are producers, and use a camera as an excuse to lure new girls who don’t know a thing about the industry into doing this. If you don’t know it shouldn’t be done then why would you say no? Many have been caught out this way. In any industry their are cowboys and this industry is no different. It is just a bit more on the sleazy side in this business because sex is involved. There have even been rare cases where so called producers have offered you fame and unlimited exposure, in exchange for a test shoot. They put you off the industry when you realize what they have done. Some of them sit on the content they have of you, until you quit and then release it to advertise gang bang sex parties. Of course this is a rare case but it goes to show you that some people out there are very persuasive when it comes to getting free sex which is essentially what they are after. Dusk Films shoot test shoots, but we pay you, we think of it as a test shoot if its a girls first time on camera, but we still pay you. The same goes for showreels, you do not need to have sex with a producer for free because he says has your best interest at heart and will perform with you for your benefit and do you a showreel that will get spread across the internet and give you unlimited fame and fortune, if its too good to be true it usually is. Showreels don’t really help you get work anymore than if you don’t have one. However if you do want one and you have a shoot with us, we will gladly do you one, but the difference is, your here being paid anyway for a sex scene, and we are giving you some footage to go into your showreel with the material we own, so were aren’t getting anything else out of it other than helping new talent and we are certainly not getting anything for free.

I think we have covered the basics here and especially the things to avoid if you require any help or have any other questions get in touch via out contact page and we will be happy to help you with advice. We care about the future of this industry here at Dusk Films and want to make sure our future talent gets the right information and gets off on the right start.