Nerd Pervert reality show intro title sequence

Ok so we have had positive feedback on the free prequel scene released last week, well now we are proud to release the title sequence to NERD PERVERT.

This is an opening credit piece that we put together for the US. It was very time consuming, as first of all the best scenes that best sells the idea of the show had to be selected and sorted through.. This took a while.  Sifting through everything we have ever shot for the site,  and making sure we get the right shots to show off what the site is about. With this trailer we wanted to tell a story too, and not just add a series of clips one after the other. We wanted to tell a story with sights and sounds. There are so many trailers our there on membership sites that we wanted to give the guys who own NP something different, if you follow the show then you know the whole scenes tell a story, this is what guides the sex scenes in this show, story. There for we felt that putting ourselves in the viewers shoes, an opening sequence that recaps what NP is about, what the character does and show some of his best bits like a regular trailer , all rolled into one would give a different effect, while also showing what you are about to get in a one minute video, now that you have signed up to the site. Again we wanted to be creative about how the clips of these adventures were presented. So we animated titles, animated some video clips and key framed them as they appeared and exited the screen We also added music and a narration track from the character t complete the overall effect.. All this gives a very fast paced intro sequence  We still look back on it and think it shows the show off the way it actually is. Now we are releasing it for you to see. Remember to see what happens next get over to and see what happens next


Please note that this video contains sexual content and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18