As well as our own projects Dusk Films is now seeking commissioned production work in different areas. This can be in various different ways however we are going to list what services we offer should you require them for  work produced directly by our studio.



For Producers/ Companies

We can shoot content for you specifically to your needs. We specialise in the reality type niche, so are very good at the reality show/        documentary style porn. However we can shoot content in any style you want, you just have to tell us what you want. We can book the models   for you and shoot the content with all fees paid before the content is ready to ship. We shoot in High Definition and to any web format you require. We always supply full HD scenes uncompressed and web versions too if required, including all 2257 records.

We work very quickly and efficiently to create your content with the minimum of fuss. Delivery is very quick and in many cases depending on the shooting format and work involved,  we can have the material to you in 2 weeks, depending on amount and the rest of our work load at the time.


For Models

Even if you are a experienced model with an existing fan base, who needs regular content to sell for various online outlets, we can provide that too. You will get a professionally shot video, edited and outputted to any format you require. This will out way any other content share shot because it will be shot by a company with 9 years experience. We can give you the full edited scene and in clips for uploading to sites such as Adult work. Shooting content share with us, you will get 2 camera operators or if needed a male performer too, plus experienced editors. We can even help you with the script/ plot of the scene with our fresh creative ideas. We mainly offer paid work for all our in house productions but we can offer content share to you as a model, and just give you back the footage raw if you require it, but we are more than happy to just shoot content with you, and for a scene for us and outlets we are happy to give you most of the content for your trouble. We have a very good shooting plan for content share that makes it fair for everyone involved, for more detailed information CLICK HERE.




 We can edit your already shot content. We use Adobe Premiere CS6 at the moment. We are happy to take your content and edit it into a  fully finished scene or film, or follow a editing plan if there is a style that it must follow. We can output to any format, full broadcast quality in full HD 1080p or ready for the web, you just tell us the format you need, we will do the rest. Heck through in your water mark and will can add that too. We also have access to a nice library of copyright free music for your productions too, which we can buy in on your behalf and add to the end price, and can show you demos so you can choose before we purchase it for your production.



We offer a capturing service and rendering services too, if there are any videos you need converting to another format we can produce these in another file format in very high quality depending on the quality of the original source. We can also capture from Mini DV tapes and convert to digital and backup on dvd disc for you too.