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We like to shoot a variety of models, ranging from brand new first timers to well published models. Our rates differ based on the experience you have. For instance a published experienced model will be paid slightly more as apposed to a new girl who hasn’t done many shoots or maybe even her first one. As with new girls you don’t really know what you are getting in terms of  how good of an actress/performer they are.

Our main volume of content now is a reality based show based on a nerd character and his life. We shoot realistic storylines that always ends in a porn scenario. This is for a Miami based company and their brand new website that they are currently on building now that will feature all of this reality show content and it is launching soon.

So we are always seeking new girls for that, new or published girls. You will be required to act, but we have a rough plot outline on the day that is explained to you. There aren’t any lines to learn as such but we have rough guides as to how the dialog gets us from A to B in the plot and so you just have to stick within those guides. However we are more than happy for the girls to suggest or even change the dialog as long as it still steers the plot in the right direction. We believe that this is your project too and want you to get involved as much as you want too and are happy to collaborate if you wish. We like the model to bring her own personality to the piece and in that sense, every model is unique.




We pay anywhere from £250-£400 per shoot which lasts 3 hours. Rates vary depending on the nature of the shoot and experience. For instance a more established model will be paid more, because we know what we are getting, but a new girl will get slightly less as in our experience, some girls who have never done a scene before know nothing about filming, angles or performance and can come off quite shy. So really any company are taking a chance hiring them anyway. This is your first shoot in most cases so no matter how much you think you deserve to be paid the same, you have to prove yourself.

Well established models we pay:

£200 for oral only
£300 for boy-girl
£350 for boy-girl including anal
£400 for boy-boy-girl

This is based on a 3 hour  shoot, so for instance if you model to full boy-girl, then the 3 hours will be a mixture of oral, full boy-girl, solo levels and stills, in the time we are shooting. First time models we usually pay £250 for full boy-girl however you do get  a cut down version of your first scene to be used as show reel ( if required)  to show other producers that you have modeled before and this can be vital in the industry these days if you are new.




We get a lot of new girls approach us to shoot their first ever scene as that is what Dusk Films are known for. We have brought a lot of new girls into the industry. We have 9 years experience shooting with girls who have never done a scene before. We have the patience and understanding to take a model through her first scene, explaining everything and getting a good performance out of them, we have very good people skills and seem to be able to put people at ease. The fact that there are only two people on set, the male performer and our camera lady mean that it is laid back and not straight in at the deep end like with some other companies,who can shoot different ways and can have a whole team of people in the room at the same time.


Please note : We have sometimes in the past changed our rates for models who we think will benefit our content outlets, however in some experiences models have requested stupid amounts nearly totaling two separate shoots, bigger companies have been known to pay more, but they have a bigger budget and totally different way of approaching the filming work they do.



The main thing we look for really are sexy girls with very broad minds. 2 forms ID and up to date HIV & STD certs. I am always fully tested every 30 days. If a model doesn’t have certs ( sometimes new girls don’t) then condoms will be warn for all sex scenes however we do prefer mainly certs for shoots on both sides. We shoot over a period of 3 hours and in that time together I usually manage to shoot a oral scene, full boy-girl scene and sometimes if there is time a little teaser solo scene too. Models that only model to oral boy-girl are also welcome, this usually equals 2 oral scenes in the 3 hours.
We only shoot models who are happy with the theme of the site, which is cum.

Ideally we am interested in models who are happy cum swallowing (preferred), cum in mouth and droop out is also welcomed. Facial cumshots are at the very least will be considered as it still sort of falls in with what the site is about, however if we have other models willing to do more than that, then we may decide to shoot with them instead if a booking hasn’t already been made.

The more levels you do in our area of content the better chance you have of getting work from us.

We shoot mainly in Durham north east of England. Visit our CONTACTS PAGE for a map of our location.  We shoot most weekends and most week nights from 4pm onwards but the later shoots are more suited to models who don’t have far to travel and the models from the London areas are better suited to a weekend shoot, usually starting about 12 noon.

We usually have a list of models we are interested in shooting, so we just make our way down that as fairly as we can, if a model on our list isn’t  available then we simply move on to the next one on the list. If you seem to have been waiting a while, we will contact you once we have a date in mind, as sometimes we can be very busy.

We can book anywhere from 2- 3 months in advance if we are busy and have a high volume of shoots going on.




We like to hear from ALL models the night before a shoot, if we don’t hear from you by 11pm, you will be sent a text to check things are ok?
We also expect a text or phone call on the morning of the shoot when you have set off
If we don’t hear from you for whatever reason we will not set off for the shoot at all and won’t be held responsible for a no show on our part.
If you have trouble getting through to us and you turn up and we are not there then please get in touch ASAP, we are based just outside of  Durham so we can get there easily so hang in there and we will be there.

However all this can be avoided with a simple text or phone call.

If you cancel on us depending on the reason we am more than happy to arrange another shoot, if you cancel a second time and still want to work with us, we will have to talk as there are models out there that will turn up and so why should we keep going through the same thing over and over.

If you no show or give a stupid unbelievable excuse WE WILL report you as a time waster on the UKAP forum located HERE

This can be used by models aswell, and rather than rely on hearsay the forum gives the person in question a chance to defend themselves so the forum is not about mud slinging and false claims. Models can also use this if a producer no shows, and to stop this type of thing happening to help others. We recommend that models and producers use this to warn others. If you aren’t already a member of this forum I recommend you join this as it’s free.



You can expect Paul Taylor and Scarlet Grey to be there on set. Paul Taylor is the male performer and Scarlet  Grey will be on main camera. We shoot at an apartment 10 mins outside of Durham. One of us will meet you at the train station if you prefer and are traveling by rail.
Models we have worked with in the past include :
Mai Bailey, Sandie Caine, Kaciee Marie, Jett Black, Isabella Kay, Cate Harrington, Leigh Logan, Lena leigh, Kerry Louise, Tanya Cox, Anna Joy, Loz Lorrimar and many more as well as lots of new cummers. CLICK HERE to see some of our references.

Well that’s it, I hope this serves a good guide for us, our work and what we are about.
If you want to work with us after reading this then get in touch via the CONTACT page or e-mail, our twitter and facebook links can be found at the bottom of every page

PLEASE NOTE : at this point we do not require any males, if we ever do we will post about it on our blog.