Shooting in the UK what happened????

Well its June now and here in the UK shooting porn is becoming more and more of a hard ship. It seems like a distant memory that when we first came on the scene in 2003,  there were a lot of girls to shoot. So many that you couldn’t pick who you wanted and you couldn’t get to all of them either. The ones that stayed in the industry for years, you eventually got them, but the ones that just dipped their feet in, well you just had to let them go. Sure they were on your to do list, but by the time you got to them then had retired long ago. So whats happened now then?

There are more and more girls who just do the odd shoot when they can be arsed, or even work solidly for a few months and the disappear not even honouring shoots that they had booked in advance. Just when they have had enough they go and screw the producer who has them booked in, he can find out the day before that you quit 2 months ago when he tries to phone you about his shoot with you the next day, to people now its no big deal to them.

The recession has damaged the business theres no getting away from that, online piracy? Yeah sure its not helping but that was around when we started. People dont have the money anymore to spend on having a wank over a members site. So the producers are not making as much, which means they are not shooting as much, and there fore the girls are not getting the work. You see how one little problem on one side has a knock on effect. Unlike a lot of people NERDPERVERT.COM is doing really well, better than I ever thought at this early stage. Its always risky trying something new, especially as it takes up a lot of our time planning the scripts and really fleshing out this reality show world we have created. They say if you are a bit different, then you stand out a bit more and you stand a better chance of making a profit. I agree  with that slightly however the other side of it is, you could try something so new, people just don’t get it and it still doesn’t sell. I am happy to say that we are the first one. The US seem to dig the british girls, they dig the new girls, they dig the accents and most surprisingly they dig the nerd. I mean come on with that wig and glasses on I look like a right twat don’t I?

However the reports I get from my Skype meeting from the US guys wo own the site say that members love seeing what the nerd is getting up to and who will he find next. They get the humour  (as US don’t get our british humour much sometimes), they actually watch the scene right through. NP has never just gone into it, the scenes have a bit of a long build up, sometimes up to 20 minutes. One thing we noticed when researching into the reality shows on tv, to check out the camera styles, and even documentaries was, they show real life, they show the silent parts, where someone is thinking of what to say next. They film a person expressing their self and sometimes not choosing the right words to say, and I love that. Thats real life. So in re creating the nerds world and his life that he records all the time, you get to see the in betweens and the none porn stuff, to further get to know the character and what makes him tick as well as how he goes about getting the girls.

Once the hardcore stuff starts then it steps into the porn format that most follow. However we keep the camera style going. We dont pick the angles that a classic porn scene will film, we invent our own. You can still see whats going on, but if the reality show effect camea work stopped at the sex scenes, it would be like a totally diffrent style and just wouldnt work. For that reason the sometimes out of focus shots, when zooming in, the quick panning and zoom its all in there. It draws you in. Reality shows on Tv if you look they tend to not know where to film next, and these a filmed my professional TV crew. If two people are stting oppersite each other, you dont know in real life who is going to talk next,and some times the camera is late going to that person who is now talking and getting them in shot, they just get there and then the other person is answering them, so the camera then has to quickly pan across again. Its that style that we create on NP and I think that it helps with the plot and build up, thats what keeps people watching, its the peering into someone elses life, thats what the reality show is for, looking behind closed doors, it just happens behind our closed doors, people chat and fuck.

So for the tough times we are doing great and filming full time more content for NP, however we have been around 10 years. If we had just started today it would probably be a different story. In fact I don’t think I would of bothered. But going back to the shooting people, its getting harder and harder. Even published girls are not turning up when they should. We have had a few shoot days get called off for genuine reasons, but it always seems to be our shoot day, and not someone else’s. Its is just that bad luck but still when its all been planned and written it can be very annoying. Most of the time the model just either doesn’t show or cancels with a shit excuse. Because of the lack of work, producers and models have moved over to adult work. I actually admire the girls for getting up off their arses learning to film and shoot basic stuff to sell on AW, that seems to be a good platform for making money and we use it ourselves too. However a big chunk of a models earnings on there is off web camming,live interaction with the girls you have watched for years is now the in thing. Porn is changing again, some for the best and some for the worse. I think some girls can stay in the house in their bedroom, talk to guys and make money without leaving the house.

In someways I don’t blame them, why travel from London to the north east of England when you can stay in miss out all that travelling and make not far off what you would be paid. So adult work is good for making extra income for the girls, but if you dont want to shoot, stay in the house then, don’t book dates and then cancel because of some bull shit excuse. Adultwork is also good for producers like me, who have old stuff or lots of content to put it up on there, however its not models that are the problem.


Adult work, the recession and the lack of profit has created a new breed of people and its one that we need to get rid of. I admire the models web camming and making there own videos, but why are producers doing it? Don’t get my wrong we have done content share before, if we are approached, but we dont ask every girl we meet ” Hi do you want to shoot some content?” With no intention of paying them. Even if you are just starting out, you can’t build up content off content share, it will take you a life time, plus half of it will be complete crap. If you can’t afford the rates, dont be a producer. There are some so called producers who offer shit rates, then bitch about it when someone actually tells the model what rates and ball park she should be asking for, whats the matter has your plan of getting a cheap fuck been ruined?


Twitter and Facebook has also seen the rise of people buying a cheap video camera and contacting models through social media sites  saying they are a producer and to new girls they don’t no any better. If your new to the industry some girls are easy fooled by £100 offers for 8 hour work and test shoots for free. These people are not the industry, everyone has the right to start making porn or even do it for kicks, pleasure or fun, whatever, but not at the expense of feeding people lies about your made up career and take the piss just to get your end away. I just see strangers who I have never seen talking to models on twitter and thinking they can get a shag out of it. When I started I was offering pai work and I still had to prove I was a producer and show them my work, but social media is making it easier to contact the models and of course online you can be whoever you want to be. I have found a few new girls on twitter and facebook and then it dawned on me, what if they have already been contacted by a dick and they think I am one? So even though it can be a good place to reach new people for people you act in the right manner with their producing, I always show them this site and the site that our videos end up on, so they can see. We always like to go into detail about how a scene will go down, what is involved so on the day the model knows what expect, yet theres more and more reports of so called producers asking for things on the day, just springing it on them, this can really un nerve people, and some new people can get scared.

I even hear from girls who have worked with what people will consider ” The bigger companies” saying they aren’t very nice they just want you to get on with it and get you out the door, or they offer you less than what was agreed once you get there, or even producers shooting a scene then expecting a private POV fuck without providing certs, I mean when will all this end. When we shoot a model who has to travel long distances we offer them to stop over so they aren’t travelling all day. We feed them, make them drinks and even go for a drink and a bite to eat afterwards if they are staying the night. Even if they are not staying if they have an open ticket to travel back on, they are welcome to relax, have a drink and chill with is, you can leave as soon or as late as you want, we just like people and the best thing about this job you get to meet loads of them in this game and this suits us well. Its costs nothing to be nice does it??? Manners go along way in any line of business. 

The amount of things I have found out about people who I thought were respectable people, is a hell of an eye opener, people in it for themselves and hiding behind model directories just to get free sex and insisting on that they need content to be able to make it, then offering to make them some but its got be them they star with as the male performer, like they are doing for the girls benefit. Its getting to the point I socialise less and less with industry people, I run my business correctly and do the work, I just keep my head down and get on with it, as was the mainstream media says about the porn industry is true now all of it, theres not many good people left who haven’t got another motive these days, such a shame.

We shoot content featuring a sleazy nerd  who cons girls into porn and he’s no where near as bad as what people  are really like here in the UK. People are even putting their health at risk by not getting tested when they should, or working with out of date tests. There has even been a trusted person in the industry collecting money from models for jobs abroad that never happened, now what would drive a person who was respected to do that? Whatever it is, its catching on, either that or people are just that desperate and dont want to pack in that they are forced to do it, but I don’t buy it. I’m not a sleaze ball or a con man so no matter if I stop getting paid from the US or not it wouldn’t change me into that person.

People maybe be struggling, but the ones that are still here struggling are here because they are thinking of this as a business and are keeping there head above water in these tough times to still be around. The ones who have vanished are the one band bands with their £150 camcorder and because they have no adutwork credits left, they can’t afford to shoot because their factory day job doesn’t pay them enough to be able to afford a shoot. Or worse yet cancel on people. The list goes on with the how low people can go, this is exactly why the porn industry gets the repuation it does. We are making all these talk shows and main stream media who portray us in a bad light, we are making them right. Back when we started we could get a cancelation  (it was very rare) and you could find a replacement within a couple of hours. I had a model reschedule our shoot for another date, recently but I didn’t get anyone to replace her, no one wanted the job or was even free and that tells me there is not enough people in the industry working anymore.  

So the very few good guys that are left, who stick to shoot dates, pay a fair rate, organise the shoots well, have great people skills and treat people how we wanna be treated ourselves fight a loosing battle of sometimes being looked at with that look to say, “does he really work for the company he says he does, as he could be saying anything to me really from behind a computer screen” and to be honest I don’t really blame them do you?