Spunkslutcastingcalls.com Now closed NEW BEGINININGS PART 2

So after a series of Skype meeting with ED at Lotza Dollars we really fleshed out in those conversations what the content would be. How he could see a site working, and whether or not we could deliver the video content they needed to populate a site of theirs. We had done a few nerd like scenes, featuring a character who looked like a geek. This interested Ed very much. He could see a site like that being a Micro Niche for him and is company. He actually pointed out while we were talking that if I type NERD PORN into google nothing came up. Well sexy girls wearing nerd glasses did yes but not with a guy doing it. They liked what I did on the few scenes of the nerd, he just felt he needed to be more fleshed out, and made more real. We discussed that nerds or geeks depending on what term you prefer tend to be like THE BIG BANG THEORY. Shy, re-pressed and can’t talk to girls. But that is not the way I played it in the scenes they saw. I played it confident and cocky, that too had never been done before. A character that did love computer games,movies and comic books like any other nerd, only this one was full of himself, he beleived he could get any women, whether he actually could or not he believed he could. He was a nerd with balls, who beleived it didnt matter what he looked like, he just needed the ladies to look good for him.

Very early on we realised that what we were doing also  turning the stud thing on its arse. This guy wasn’t ripped, he was not over weight either, or skinny, he was toned, but not big muscled. Hell since he liked how I played him, he didn’t have a big cock either it was average size. But thats what Lotza Dollars was going with this idea, that he is the every man, the guy who watches porn and wishes it was him, this guy could be someone that porn lovers could look up to thinking,  if he can do it so can I.

The nerd themed site was beginning to take hold and we were beginning to understand the content we would have to shoot for them.