Spunkslutcastingcalls.com Now closed NEW BEGINININGS PART 1

SCC Productions based in Canadian told me about 6 months ago that they had fell on difficult times with there web business. This had came as a shock to us as we were getting paid from their site and hadn’t noticed any chance at all, in fact we were doing better than ever with with very capable company. Anyway without going into too much detail they said for a newer business in the adult web mastering industry they just couldn’t complete with the bigger players who has been doing to it for many years. It wasn’t down to their skill it was down to contacts and time, time was not on their side, how where they going to catch up with the others who were already in full swing with their business? Answer they couldn’t it was the worst time for them to start up on their own.

A week later I was contacted by a new company in Miami with a very good and already successful cash program and company, who were pretty much making the same money that they have always done even in these hard times, because they were putting the hours in. The were having to work harder and longer for the money they work making a few years back when they got home at a decent hour.

They run a very nice collection of sites, each in a different niche, there cash program is all about variety and so they were always on the look out forĀ  other studios to provide content for future sites of theirs. They had noticed mine and were quite impressed but had a few suggestions. The thought the nerd character we started to feature in our content, that had gradually evolved over time was interesting, original and a micro niche, micro what I said? Turns out a micro niche is something that isn’t over saturated by the porn market. Something that is a little different. They said they would be very interested in featuring the content on a new site of theirs with one condition. They were happy with everything, the quality, the models but they wanted the nerd. They were happy for me to shoot whoever I wanted and wouldn’t interfere but they wanted the nerd in all his glory, meaning I would have to stop being a POV camera man and become a full time stud for the content. He said him and his regional manager could do very well with the nerd character if you could see him, touch him, get to know him, he was the selling point. Here’s me thinking it was all the sexy girls we shoot?

They said I could make all the creative decisions on who we shoot, how we shoot it as long as I was in it, they could set a site up and brand the character and take the content and any other if we could keep supplying more to them and for that we would be rewarded.

Find out what we did next in Part 2