Well everyone 2013 sees us attempt a project that has been in the back of my mind for a long long time. Its something that always seemed like a good idea but something that might be hard to pull off. This was for many reasons, first of budget, it was always going to cost more than web scenes we produce for internet sites out there. ┬áThe second reason this was always going to be hard to cast. Not just in looks but personality too. This was going to be a tribute to someone who’s famous who I have lusted over for a long time. Just watching this young lady perform, it was always at the back of my mind, she is so sexual on stage and knows how to work it, that she in my honest opinion would make a great porn star, the chances of this happening was next to nothing or even impossible and least of all not for us. Why would a celebrity make a sex tape? they don’t need the money do they?

I will let the teaser trailer speak for its self and over the coming months of shooting this and editing it, we will cover more on how this came to be as well as how we found the right girl and the only girl for the job.


Without any more wait I give you, the teaser trailer to our first feature.


[flv]https://www.duskfilms.com/files/TRAILER 1.flv[/flv]