Would you like a free bonus scene??? ok well here’s one then…..

Ok so, you all know about our nerd reality show right?

Ok well if you have about 35mins to spare here is a prequel episode of NERD PERVERT.

This is a bonus scene on the site that explains who our lead characters are, what they did before they met, how they met and how it came to be that a lucky Geordie nerd bastard gets all of these new girls and shoots some of the biggest pornstars in the UK. How does he do it when he’s a no body???, he’s nothing to look at so it doesn’t make sense really does it? A nerd who fucks and isn’t shy round women, how is this possible?

This free scene serves as your first entry into the reality show series, from this video onwards you will be brought up to speed on what the show is, and you could effectively watch this then sign up to nerdpervert.com and go straight for the hardcore content and be able to follow along with his nerdy adventures.

I think you will see what we mean when we say it is a reality/mockumentary. How we like to be different as a studio and how our stuff is not just wham bam like other studios content and hopefully will keep you entertained as well as get you off?

It also may serve as a showreel of the style of content we shoot, as we do take on commission work for other sites too and not just nerdpervert.com

Its a full scene and is about 350mb so depending on your connection you may need it to load in part way first. 


Please note that this video contains sexual content and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18